Monday, July 14, 2014

Supergirl and Thorn

I had originally drawn a chibi of Supergirl eons ago but never got around to updating it until now. So I realize there are a variety of costumes but this was the one from the original  image so I just went with it.

So while everyone else is drawing the new Batgirl, I opted to go back and redraw a picture of the lesser known Thorn character. Rose is a girl with a split personality Thorn.

Ok so a few days ago I went out and bought some protective bags and boards for some of my dad's old comics he left me. Back when he started collecting them in the 50's they didn't really have the same quality protective supplies as today so I carefully swapped them into the new bags. Well, either way I was looking through some of the comics he had there. I found that Lois Lane did in fact have her own comic book line under the name "Superman's Girlfriend LOIS LANE". Then I found another one with an actual female superhero. But get this she can't just be a superhero she has to have something profoundly wrong with her. In this instance she has a split personality who is the hero that her normal half doesn't know about. It's also interesting how closely she could be related to Poison Ivy which everyone assumes was a Batman character, but I've since found out was actually a character from some other show/comic, I think the Green Hornet maybe. But still you've come to see the artwork...Here's a rough one of Thorn from Lois Lane...

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