Friday, June 27, 2014

Zorilita goes to San Diego Comic Con

Adventure Time from Cryptozoic

They've just posted a few of my cards today so here they are! These are not all the cards to be clear.

Faux Facts Mini

I'd been wanting to do a free San Diego Comic Con mini comic for Faux Facts for a while now. There was a reference to it in volume four too but I thought this would be fun to draw. I hope you like it. You can find us at Zorilita-Mary Bellamy Small Press table N04.

Faux Facts promo artwork....

Faux Facts promo artwork....

Faux Facts - The Truth Can Be Strange!

Cover art, pages and art from my series Faux Facts - The Truth Can Be Strange!

MLP Bee and Puppycat

Well, since I can't show my RI My Little Pony Issue 21 Cover yet. (Comes out in July) I decided to revamp my OC pony. Yes,  I decided to do an alicorn. As a creator it just sort of made sense. Her name is now Paper Hearts because I draw and write. Not sure I'll do anything else with her but who knows.

And Bee from Bee and Puppycat

Animated Gifs of my Zorilita girls, from Ah Heck and Mop.

Kiroumaru from Shinsekai Rei

Penny and April

I always loved Penny from Inspector Gadget because she was the brains of  the show. i alway
I always wondered what a cross over between TMNT 2012 would be like if she met April O'neil.

More personal art

Zorilita art

More of my own characters

Zorilita Prism Fighters

My original characters concept artwork updated to my current style after 12 years.

More ATC and commissions

Some personal and some official AP commissions....