Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Painted Zorilita girls...

So, I just had to draw something with Malika in it. I feel so bad always neglecting her. Malika is a lone wolf. She's somewhat like Wolverine in that way. She's not a "team player." I figure she'd reject the idea of looking at us so hence the pose. Even though this isn't anything "dynamic" it's given me more practice painting. I kind of like it.

I almost never get to draw Elianna and I almost never get to paint anything so to rectify that. Here's a painting I did of Elianna. I had fun with the effects and while I am not the best digital painter yet I still had fun making this. I hope you like it.
I just had to try Somia in this style...she was just begging to be painted. I also use a bit of uplight and cast light on this one. I was going to do a neon sign background with cast light but I started to loose my drive on this so I settled for a simplistic one to focus on her. And yes, her ability is super speed.

Rainbwice to come soon...or at least that's the plan between things anyway.

So, before I head out to Wondercon, I thought I should do an image of Bunny with her fire element. I've never painted fire before so thank goodness for tutorials online. I kind of like it.

Rainbwice is next...if I get time that is.

Monday, March 05, 2012

Faux Facts volume 4 preview

So I've been going like gangbusters to finish volume 4 of Faux Facts and I just finished the covers. Here's a small glimpse of the back cover. That's all the junk food I was talking about having to draw before. You'll be able to buy volume 4 at SDCC. =)

Remember I'm always taking fan art submissions for upcoming volumes. There will be some awesome art from some of you guys.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

SHI atc cards for 5finity

 Ok, So I did 50 cards for the Shi ATC set via 5finity . I was so honored to be on this set because I remembered always wanting to pick up the comic back in the day and never being able to and then I got to draw official fan art for this set and it made my day. All cards are microns, prisma markers, pencils, gel pen and white pencil. I also did my best to use her other costumes instead of the trademark one. And I threw in a few of the other side characters.