Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Painted Zorilita girls...

So, I just had to draw something with Malika in it. I feel so bad always neglecting her. Malika is a lone wolf. She's somewhat like Wolverine in that way. She's not a "team player." I figure she'd reject the idea of looking at us so hence the pose. Even though this isn't anything "dynamic" it's given me more practice painting. I kind of like it.

I almost never get to draw Elianna and I almost never get to paint anything so to rectify that. Here's a painting I did of Elianna. I had fun with the effects and while I am not the best digital painter yet I still had fun making this. I hope you like it.
I just had to try Somia in this style...she was just begging to be painted. I also use a bit of uplight and cast light on this one. I was going to do a neon sign background with cast light but I started to loose my drive on this so I settled for a simplistic one to focus on her. And yes, her ability is super speed.

Rainbwice to come soon...or at least that's the plan between things anyway.

So, before I head out to Wondercon, I thought I should do an image of Bunny with her fire element. I've never painted fire before so thank goodness for tutorials online. I kind of like it.

Rainbwice is next...if I get time that is.

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