Friday, June 27, 2014

My Little Pony samples

So, I recently announced that I am the cover artist for the Retail Incentive MLP FIM comic put out by IDW. It's issue 21 and comes out July 16, 2014. But these images were what I created trying out for the book. Some character studies, a coloring progression and a sample comic based on another work I had published.

So, originally I had written a short story for the final floppy print issue of Radio Comix' Furrlough. I needed to do a comic sample for something and so I decided to cannibalize the muffin story and substitute in the ponies. After all I had not done any more show style Cutie Mark Crusaders so I swapped them into the story. Because I had to make it a bit more kid friendly, this comic has no real ending like the official one did...but hopefully you'll still dig it. Notes, I had no official background reference so it's just a sort of kitchen setting and dang it was hard getting a mouthful pose for Sweetie Belle that looked good. XD I will not be doing any more work on this. Thanks for looking though.

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