Thursday, January 11, 2007

Welsh Girl Fashion

Well, this is an unusual thing for me. I was thinking about heritage and most people have a great knowledge of who they are and where they come from. For me though I only know of my German, English, Cherokee and Welsh Backgrounds for sure...well also my grandfather was from Mexico but that's about it. I figured that Welsh was by far and away the least represented. I mean you never have people saying "Kiss me I'm Welsh" or anything. So I opted to draw that.

Anyway, I figured I make up a lot of costumes so I'd try something more authentic. So here is the authentic Welsh woman's wear with the trademarked red shawl. I think it's over all very cute. Though I'd rather ditch the hat.

Oh and almost forgot this little foray into digital painting. Bowlegged and Proud...that's me. Yep I need more work though the skirt does look painted.


Roc said...

nice work you have here

Zorilita said...

Thank you =)

GreenStamp said...

these are cute, i like your style.

potato farm girl said...

The welsh costume is neato, does she have a bonnet thingy under her hat? She's almost gothic Lolita. Those legs on the blue skirt girl is oozing cuteness!

Zorilita said...

Thank you GreenStamp!

Potato Farm Girl: Yes it is a little bonnet. I really should do something Gothic Lolita. I'm a tad obsessed with fashion. ;) And yeah I figured I'd do something different with the skirt girl and someone had said a while back that you should put a little of yourself into your drawings so this is my unknown talent. ;) I'm glad you like them!