Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Magical Canan Warrior Carmen

Ok, so I've not been drawing so much with the last week finding out I sprained my finger and then got a huge spider bite on another one. It's working out ok. I'll be fine but just a little wonky getting the control back for like inking.

Anyway someone picked me up a copy of Magical Canan a cute little magical girl anime well this version is. Apparently they had a hentai version too that they aged down for this kids release. ^^; odd. Anywhoo, this is Carmine, Chiyahaha's magical form. And since she's in that full bodied style I decided to draw her. The danged that costume was hard to draw from just staring at the animation though. So without further ado here is Magical Canan's Carmine all colored up super quick with colored lines even. I had to do something to justify having the computer on all day to download Tokyo Mew Mew. ;)

I so need to do some more art =\ I do have a sketch of Pretty Sami and so continues my obscure anime collection even though it's not as obscure as say Magical Emi or any one of those older ones.


boob said...

It's a cartoon, but still very detailed. There's multiple shadow and hi-lite passes which I can appreciate. This is a lot to animate and color that's for sure!

Zorilita said...

Thank you =) I'm glad you like it.