Tuesday, July 26, 2011

SDCC 2011 Wrap Up

Wow, well I just got back from San Diego Comic Con late last night and I can say that it was a great convention for me. So here’s a recap of everything or many things that happened.

Day 1
I set out early in morning and traffic was a breeze. I got there in plenty of time and check in to the hotel was seamless, found a parking spot easily and got down to the convention center to unload everything to the palette program. Got everything set up pretty fast. Slightly annoying that our booths aisles were so much more narrow but it ended up not being as bad as I thought. I saw a lot of familiar faces like the Nemu Nemu gang, Rachel Young, Jean Kang, Diana Sprinkle, Mike Vega. Opening night was pretty good. I sold quite a few books the first night.

Day 2
I took the opportunity to see as much as I could early in the morning and this time I took far more photos than I was able to in the previous years, mostly of exhibits and dolls. I managed to get all the way down to the Warner Bros booth only to see they were being over protective of their freebies. Poo… Ah well. I was able to get quite a few things from DC and one being the Fringe book I wanted to get. I also got a mountain of free comics. Awesome! When the show started I was so surprised to find out that I had many repeat customers.   The best thing had to be this little one year old boy that bought a doll from me. Not only did he give me a high five, but he gave me a fist bump! It was so adorable. *melt* I was so happy to have sold more books and dolls. Javier Hernandez popped by and made an appearance.

Day 3
Friday was a good day too…had more time to chat with Diana Sprinkle and other table neighbors. I saw the crew from Lampost Comics and the Christian Comics Society. The artist on Revelations came over and introduced himself. Fred Perry came over and bought a Dvorak doll and a sketch book. =) Awesome! I ran into Doug TenNapel and spoke for a bit. Sales were great and people that bought the first issues of either of my books came back for the sequels. Totally cool! I was able to meet with people for potential work leads and had some people actually come up to me and apologize…so strange but in a good way.

Day 4
So Saturday was a strange day for sales…it was normally the fastest day but it was slow because people were actually lining up for tickets for SDCC 2012. Sales weren’t bad but they weren’t great. I still sold well enough though. I got some more free shirts, books and bags. By the last day the mile long hike to the center was easier. Alexandria Neonakis stopped by. We used to chat all the time online and she drew me so much Zori fan art. Tim Beedle popped on by. Kassandra Heller came by and several girls from the Womanthology project came by too.

Day 5
Sales were much better than opening night. I sold more art cards than the previous days. Was glad to talk to all my table neighbors. Convention closed early and we packed up and made the 3 hour trek home. There was a strange amount of traffic near Orange County. Got home, unpacked and went to bed.
All in all it was a great show but I was glad to get home and sleep in my own bed.

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