Friday, December 22, 2006


Diedra a semi new character in fancy sort of undergarments and outfit. The coloring of the lines is what took the longest. I think I may go about adding detail after I get the line art done instead of all in one.


potato farm girl said...

You have some cool costume ideas! I like shoes very much, and the Kitsune "AWWWW!!"!
Merry xmasy to you toos!

potato farm girl said...

Haha! Lolz, my last name is Drouhard not Garcia. I'll link ya back soon!

Zorilita said...

Thank you =). I'm glad you like my costuming. I shall also have to draw more of my kitsune girl too ;)

Sorry about the last name thing. I'm not sure where I saw that...I'll change it. Thanks for the link back too!