Saturday, November 11, 2006

Veteran's Day Parade

So, I managed to sneak out of my scary hood and get over to the Veteran's Day Parade. Surprisingly, there were lots of people there. Normally, you'd never know people lived here. It began to get crowded so I found myself on the wall in front of the burger spot. I was disappointed by the grand marshall they lead some of us to believe Arnold Schwartzenagger was going to be there but instead was just some old war guy no one knew. *shrugs*

It took a while to get started but then all the people came out and the horses came out which immediately got the kids' attention. There were surprisingly no police dogs nor were there helicopters and the stealth bomber. That was sad. Also they had some beauty chick who was talking on her phone instead of waving. 9_9 But the rest was ok. It was a great day for reference materials. Speaking of which...I have photos.

Here's part one and two of the mural they painted.

The Daughters of the Revolution

Hot sailor boys handed out flags

They had vehicles like this fire engine

They had jeeps too

They had Furries?!

My favorite part was petting the horses from the parade afterward. I want one !!!

The Winner goes to For the horsie lick!!! I didnt even see the tongue til later.

So check out my photos! I also have my photo account for other stuff!

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Pat McMicheal said...

Hey, I looked @ everyone of your pictures...WOAH, That mural blows me away!!!! I respect ANYONE who can paint on that scale!!!

Zorilita said...

Thanks for checking them out =)

The only sad thing about the mural is they did not do the basecoat correctly so I fear that in a few years it may not be there. Also the way they did this mural was to use a grid pattern. I watched them paint it over the span of 2 months or so.